Godparent Sponsorship

Sponsoring a woman’s education is strengthening the pillar of a future home.

What is the Godparent Sponsorship?

It is a voluntary contribution that will serve to provide teenage women from vulnerable communities with a scholarship to study at Institución Educativa Saber y Trabajo of the FHES Foundation, located in the Torices neighborhood of the city of Cartagena.

«Your contribution builds my future»


Benefits that a teenage woman receives when having a sponsor

  • Technical labor education through the Program on Attention to Guest with emphasis on Hospitality.
  • Accompaniment of the life project, vocational guidance, generation of opportunities for life. Strengthening the families of the city of Cartagena.
  • Linking to the labor market through practices and permanent work in hotels and restaurants in agreement.

Do it, change lives and donate now!

I want to support the education of a student with my contribution

Studies Duration: 3 semesters
Total cost: $3,000,000 COP

Donation Modalities

Monthly: $170,000 COP (18 months)
Quarterly: $500,000 COP (6 quarters)
Biannual: $1,000,000 COP (3 semesters)

Checking Account No. 78787187504

Send your personal information with the donation to [email protected]
Tel: 57- (5)6584545/ Cel: 57-3005465949

Why donate?

In Cartagena, there are several problematics that depend on a great number of factors, including gender inequality, human trafficking, and sexual exploitation. Some of these differences are invisible to most, but they can make a big difference in people’s lives. In this context of so much inequality, violence towards women, lack of real opportunities for young people, and of educational quotas there is much to do to improve the situation and achieve lasting changes. That is why Fundación FHES works to overcome the causes of the poverty that affects our city.

Benefits of joining our plan
TAXES –  A tax discount of 25% of the value donated for natural or legal persons applicable in their exercise of income in the taxable year.

Where does your money go to?

With our partners, we seek to accomplish long-lasting changes in the woman using the gender transformative approach, giving them more security, empowerment and an example of being.

To accomplish this, Fundación FHES promotes transformations in each person so that together we achieve a more fair society. Our work strategy aims at increasing the number of women through comprehensive training to learn and prosper, together with their families and their communities.